by Robert Zaremba

New Years homework for developers

Are you using some OpenSource tools? Which one the most? Did they allow you to make money? How your life would look like if they didn’t exists?

Name them, type them!
Linux, Python, PyPy, Firefox, vim, emacs, git, wine, ... just to name few. There are systems, applications, languages. Some have big funding. Some even don’t have full time employee positions, are run by open contributors which spend their free time.

Do you want to say thank you?|br| Most of them collects money (e.g. through Software Freedom Conservancy).

  1. Choose the project which you like and which you think it needs your support. Go to their homepage and fine a way to donate. If don’t find, choose the other one, or go to some software foundation (Free Software Foundation, Software Freedom Conservancy).
  2. Donate. It doesn’t need to be a lot of. Everything is counting. Everything is good to say “thank you”. It can be just 5$, which you could spend on a beer.
  3. PrintScreen you confirmation and share on the net, social ...