by Robert Zaremba

Notes: Applied Machine Learning Days 2017

This post includes notes from the Applied Machine Learning Days 2017 conference at EPFL which I attended in Jan 2017.


Notes: ReactiveConf 2016

The ReactiveConf 2016 is a great venue where you meet and hear from the new technology drivers, early adapters and it innovators. It had place in the organizers home town - Bratislava, which is another reason to attend the conference - to visit a charming part of the west Europe.

Despite the name, the conference wasn’t much about React


Microservices - the good the bad and the truth

You may went through this multiple times: Why should I consider a microservices architecture? It has been written and spoken a lot in recent years about Microservice Oriented Architecture (MOA). I’m not going to describe it, because there is enough about this in internet[1] and books (highly recommend Building Microservices 2015 from O’Reilly). Here I will like to discuss which project should consider implementing Microservice Oriented Architecture.


Useful application challenge

Every software developer and an application designer is facing over-engineering. Instead of providing a great user experience, over-engineered features frequently are not useful and are missing the deadlines.

What is a useful application?

When doing software development I like to think that users want crazy applications and complex solution. I tend to believe that the more robust and generic applications is the more useful it is for users. Thankfully this is utterly wrong.