Robert Zaremba Blog

About me

I’m a software architect and computer scientist, achieved MSc in computer science at Wrocław University. My work interests are about data mining, analytic systems, trust-less distributed networks (Blockchain), maths, physics and IT. I’m passionate about work optimizations using agile principles. Crating agile environments, which are focused on customer, metrics, learning and interactions though me the importance of organization and execution.

You can find detailed information about me at:

my profile on Careers StackOverflow

IT Activities

Providing IT trainings, Meetup organizer (Go and React.js meetups in Poland, Haskell meetups at CERN), participating in several open source projects and conferences.

Moreover I’m an active member of:

with goals to foster innovations and effective joint-marketing efforts to mature the blockchain technology.


I’m passionate about

  • sports, especially: cycling, hiking, alpinism and speleology.
  • good old card games: skat and contract bridge .
  • happiness :)