by Robert Zaremba

Smart Grid: the Solar Power

The age of solar revolution

In recent years we experienced a great boost in renewable energy sources. Hundreds of companies have born to supply the need for wind and solar plants installation. Tesla, the market leader in environmental friendly energy, moves the Solar power to the next level with their new products (Solar Roof [1], Gigafactory [2], Powerwall 2 [3]) and SolarCity acquisition. The world doesn’t end with Tesla. Big corporations like Samsung, Panasonic, LG are participating in the manufactures pursuit. Oil companies, like Total [4] are taking the challenge as well. We see lot of emerging companies: Powervault SolarEdge, Leclanché, Verengo Solar, SunPower, OneRoof Energy, Suniva, Global Solar ... This only confirms the big shift in energy production which is happening now [5]. Speculants agree that solar will become a dominant energy source by 2050.

Smart Grid

So what is a Smart Grid? In a traditional setup, consumers are connected to an electric network, which is controlled by DSO (Distribution System Operators). The energy is supplied by semi-centralized big utilities. An average John has little to no impact into that network. The energy flow is one-directional, more predictable and controllable. Basically, tt looks like this:


FoundShare - an ICO marketplace, Startup Weekend Fin Tech Geneva

21 - 23 April 2017, Fintech Fusion was hosting Startup Weekend Fin Tech Geneva.

The Fintech Startup Weekend is a huge pot of skills, ambitious people with complementary background wanted to challenge their powers.

The goal was simple: accelerate the FinTech movement, use the community power to research and create new disruptive ideas, face yourself to judges. Everything in 52 hours to create a validated business plan.

The event was supported by Swiss FinteCH and theScreener. Eve

Thanks to Cyrus Fazel, I took the time to create a business idea for the initial pitching session. And guess what? The idea got support and was selected to the finals ✌!


Values for Personal Development

In this essay I will highlight the self-reflection process and it’s importance for personal development.

Personal Development covers activities that improve awareness, skills and develop potential. The concept involves formal and informal activities. Looking at people aims in life one should set goals in order to realize and maximize the potential. Personal development should start with finding out what are the personal skills and qualities.


Agile Workflow - essay for an efficient work methodology

Having spent years in startups and corporations, I have gathered a wealth of experience in all IT operation levels. I had a good chance to take roles which have been far-reaching and dynamic ones. Currently, I’m evaluating new business idea and I revisit the soft-skills I’ve learned before.

Being open-minded I feel extremely motivated to review the working methodology I’ve develop during my professional career. The output is a set of essays about workflow, IT Team Agreement, and Leadership.