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Moving blog to FB pages

I decided to continue my blog using Facebook Pages. Please follow me at:

The main reasons:

  • It’s easier and faster to publish.
  • Convenience for creating a quick posts with photos using mobile.
  • Convenience for uploading videos.
  • Facebook Notes just works for creating nice posts (example)
  • Social networks effect - easier to share / follow.
  • FB Pages works for people who don’t have FB account.

One may ask about privacy. My blog is public!

Working DNA. Stop Politics!


Politics (Oxford Dictionary):
Activities aimed at improving someone’s status or increasing power within an organization.
Politics (Organizational Politics):
Organizational Politics are the activities managers engage in to increase their power and use it to achieve their goals
Politics (Acting):
Politics is an act of saying and performing different things to different people in order to gain influence or power.

“The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function.”
     - F. Scott Fitzgerald

In a true Agile Team spirit, politics not targeting the company and team growth are miserable acts of individual autocracy. This kind of acts has to be early detected. The company (or any other partnership) has to define a DNA to eliminate politics as much as possible.


EOS - a breakout the world doesn’t need

After spending a time digging into EOS, looking at the community and researching all pros & cons for using EOS as the blockchain platform, I come into following conclusions.

EOS.IO is a great piece of technology and amazing experiment to make a “global computer” working. It’s uber challenging to design and came across the Decentralized Ledger Technology to provide a secure and trustless settlement platform for transaction operations. Let’s have a look if EOS solves that problem.


Agile Workflow update

Building a team and setting up the project on rails is a lot of challenges. That’s the main reason why Agile Methodologies are on the table all and over again.

Having some time for reflection and going over more tools and processes I’ve updated my Agile Workflow - essay for an efficient work methodology.

The update includes:

  • The value of customer targeting, both for the project teams and marketing.
  • Value of CRM tools.
  • Analytics.
  • The Lean Startup key points (by Eric Ries).
  • Site Reliability Engineering (all together with SLO, SLI, SLA).
  • Design thinking.

Hope you will find some inspiration from it. Have a good reading!