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Essential values for Personal Development

In this essay I will highlight the self-reflection process and it’s importance for personal development.

Personal Development covers activities that improve awareness, skills and develop potential. The concept involves formal and informal activities. Looking at people aims in life one should set goals in order to realize and maximize the potential. Personal development should start with finding out what are the personal skills and qualities.


Agile Workflow - essay for an efficient work methodology

Having spent years in startups and corporations, I have gathered a wealth of experience in all IT operation levels. I had a good chance to take roles which have been far-reaching and dynamic ones. Currently, I’m evaluating new business idea and I revisit the soft-skills I’ve learned before.

Being open-minded I feel extremely motivated to review the working methodology I’ve develop during my professional career. The output is a set of essays about workflow, IT Team Agreement, and Leadership.


Notes: Applied Machine Learning Days 2017

This post includes notes from the Applied Machine Learning Days 2017 conference at EPFL which I attended in Jan 2017.


Notes: ReactiveConf 2016

The ReactiveConf 2016 is a great venue where you meet and hear from the new technology drivers, early adapters and it innovators. It had place in the organizers home town - Bratislava, which is another reason to attend the conference - to visit a charming part of the west Europe.

Despite the name, the conference wasn’t much about React