by Robert Zaremba

Useful application challenge

Every software developer and an application designer is facing over-engineering. Instead of providing a great user experience, over-engineered features frequently are not useful and are missing the deadlines.

What is a useful application?

When doing software development I like to think that users want crazy applications and complex solution. I tend to believe that the more robust and generic applications is the more useful it is for users. Thankfully this is utterly wrong.


A simple way for polymorphism and structured programming - Go interfaces

On 2015-01-08 I was presenting different polymorphism methods at Institute of Computer Science University of Wrocław. I’m a big fan of simplicity in IT. During that presentation I was trying to persuade why we need simplicity in IT: both for maintenance and high quality software. One of the most important programming language feature to make a program source code more conscious is polymorphism.


Frontend components in React

Last week I made a presentation for meet.js PL about React. meet.js is a free front-end meetup organized by web enthusiasts in 6 major Polish cities - Warsaw, Gdańsk, Poznań, Wrocław, Cracow and Katowice.

In a nutshell, I presented why we chose React among other available options (ember.js, angular, backbone ...) in AgFlow, where I’m leading the development team.

Also I try to highlight some problems with MVC pattern everywhere.

I really like a way of React frontend components development. It makes more clear for us to implement use cases views.


Which technology for realtime communication for a web app?

Web is the main medium to share information and access data on internet. It is usually tight to browser - proxies/routers - web server. The main protocol is HTTP and most of the internet services are HTTP oriented.

HTTP at the beginning was only about one site communication: client makes a request to server and server prepares response. Now web is more then simple request response. It’s a medium for application. And applications often require more then a single site communication.

push notifications - often denoted as a mechanism which allow server to sent requests / events to a client.

There are a lot of solution to integrate HTTP with bi-directional communication, to implement push notifications for a web server.